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WIGO. Looking for Wireless Internet on the GO? Have you ever had to read that important e-mail and not been able to access the internet? Are you constantly taking your work with you wherever you go? If so, WIGO is the perfect service for you. Take our WIGO modem with you wherever you go, and get online whenever you want.
Dedicated lines. Are you a small business, corporation, or enterprise which requires stable, uninterrupted, and dedicated bandwidth? Would you like to be in control of how your workstations access the internet? Would you like to customize your internet experience? If so, please call our sales department for prices and details on how to obtain a dedicated line.
ISDN Connections. Are you a small office which requires 128-512 Kbps of dedicated bandwidth? Do you not have time or space to install sophisticated wireless equipment? Are you looking for maximum security while transferring your files from your workstations to the World Wide Web? A leased line is perfect for you! Call our sales department for details regarding a leased line today!
LAN Connections. Are you a small business or small office looking to use Point to Point over Ethernet terminations for your limited internet access? Are you on a tight budget and can't afford to pay for dedicated bandwidth? Do you have a small number of workstations and don't want to spend a fortune on reliable and speedy internet? Call and ask about our LAN connections service!

Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). Are you a home user looking for the security and safety and speed of a ISDN line, but not interested in paying the large fees for rental equipment? Are you interesting in seeing what all the DSL hype is about? Give us a try! Call our sales department regarding getting DSL access to your home today! All you need is a home phone (land line)!
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